Register as unemployed

Here is your guide on how to register as unemployed.

How do I register as unemployed?

You register as unemployed by following the four steps below.

It is important that you follow all four steps - you can only receive unemployment benefits once you have registered as unemployed and A-kassen has approved your application for unemplyment benefits.

1. Register as unemployed on

You must register as unemployed on no later than the first day of your unemployment.  When registering as unemployed on, you must also set up your CV as soon as possible. Here is a guide on how to set up your CV.

2. Apply for unemployment benefits at Krifa

You need to apply for unemployment benefits at Krifa.   You do this by filling out your application for unemployment benefits (declaration of unemployment) on Mit Krifa.

3. Start your job search

You must search for jobs from the first day of your unemplyment and document your job search under 'Joblog' on

4. Keep an eye on messages from us

It's important that you regularly check your Krifa Boks (Don't worry, you'll be notified by email when there is a new message in your Krifa Boks).

Are you a recent graduate and need to register as unemployed? 

You need to notify us that you want to use your education to qualify for unemployment benefits  no later than 14 days after completing your education.

Read about unemployment benefits as a recent graduate.

Will I automatically receive unemployment benefits once I have registered as unemployed? 

To be eligible to receive unemployment benefits when you are unemployed, you must first apply for benefits and have your application approved by your a-kasse.  

You have only applied for benefits once you have registered as unemployed on, uploaded your CV, and filled out your application for unemployment benefits (declaration of unemployment) with us. It is not enough to only apply for benefits with us. 

Remember that, in addition to registering as unemployed, you must meet several requirements to be eligible for unemployment benefits.

When will I receive a response to my application for unemployment benefits? 

We will review your application for unemployment benefits as soon as possible and no later than within two weeks. In some cases, it may take longer. 

You will hear from us if we have any questions or if we need additional information to process your application.

You will receive notifications in your Krifa Boks when we finish processing your application.

When will I receive my unemployment benefits? 

If your application for unemployment benefits is approved, you will receive your benefits at the end of the month, backdated from the date you registered as unemployed on To receive your benefits, you must complete an unemployment benefits card on Mit Krifa. 

If you are unemployed for the first time, it would be helpful to see our guide to filling out the unemployment benefits card. 

You can find the guide for the unemployment benefits card here.

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When should I register as unemployed?

You must register as unemployed on the first day of your unemployment. In most cases, this means the day after your notice period or contract with your previous employer expires. You should do this even if you are entitled to unemployment benefits (g-days)

You must also register as unemployed on and fill out a declaration of unemployment with your a-kasse.  

Follow these 3 steps to register as unemployed.

What does being a job seeker really mean

Being a job seeker from the first day you register as unemployed means that you should start searching for jobs. It does not mean that you have to send a job application on the same day, but rather that you should start exploring the direction you want to go and begin looking at available jobs. 

It's important that you register your job search and job search activities every week (including the first week of your unemployment). You can do this in your 'joblog' on 

Remember that 'searching for jobs' and 'registering jobs on joblog' are not the same. Just registering a job in the job log does not mean you have applied for a job.

When should I register as unemployed for self-inflicted unemployment?

If you have voluntarily resigned or are responsible for your unemployment (self-inflicted unemployment), you still need to register as unemployed on your first day of unemployment. 

As a self-inflicted unemployed person, you will have a waiting period (quarantine) in your a-kasse before you can receive benefits. This waiting period only applies as long as you are registered as unemployed. 

Read more about the waiting period in your a-kasse.

What should I do if I forget to register as unemployed?

If you forget to register as unemployed on your first day of unemployment, you may miss out on some of your benefits. Your a-kasse only pays benefits for the period you have been registered as unemployed. Therefore, register as unemployed as soon as you realize that you forgot.

See the 3 steps to register as unemployed.

What should I do if I am sick on my first day of unemployment?

If you are unlucky enough to be sick on your first day of unemployment, you should:

  • Register and report your sick leave on Jobnet on the same day. It is important that you first register as unemployed on Jobnet and then report your sick leave there.
  • Only register as unemployed in your a-kasse and when you are well again and need unemployment benefits.

If you are sick before you have registered as unemployed, for example, the day before, you should contact your local Citizen Service to report your sick leave. You are entitled to sick pay during illness, not unemployment benefits.

Find your local Citizen Service here

Quick assistance during your termination-period

Get in touch with us as soon as you know that you will be unemployed. That way, you will quickly receive assistance with your job search already during your notice period and be well prepared to find your next job.