Register as unemployed

Becoming unemployed is a challenge. Right from day one, you will find in us an effective sounding board, both during your notice period and while you are unemployed.

Here is your guide to registering as unemployed:

Step 1                      

You must register as unemployed with the Job Centre on your first day of unemployment at the latest.

  • You can do this on or in person at your local Job Centre.
  • Remember that you also have to post your CV on as soon as possible.
Step 2 

You must complete your Declaration of Unemployment in Mit Krifa.

  • You have not applied for unemployment benefit until you have registered as unemployed with the Job Centre, posted your CV on and completed your Declaration of Unemployment.
Step 3

You must remember to read the letters and emails you receive from both us and the Job Centre.

  • While you are unemployed, you will be called in for meetings at regular intervals. If you fail to attend a meeting, it may affect your unemployment benefit for a short or extended period. It is therefore important for you to keep up to date. Read more about the process for jobseekers.
Step 4

Where relevant: If you are newly qualified, you must remember to inform us in writing that you want to use your education/training to qualify for unemployment benefit. You must do this within 14 days of completing your education/training. 

Keep an eye on your Krifa Boks

That is where we will send your approval when we have finished processing your application for unemployment benefit.

We obviously work as quickly as possible, but it can take up to four weeks.